Punishment by Christmas spirit Krampus

Caring boyfriend wants to spend some lovely time with his girlfriend on Christmas, so he decorates his house and buys her presents. Everything was set and ready for his girlfriend to come, but she never showed up, so he called her to check if she was coming, and she hung up. Suddenly a succubus-like creature appeared from behind and wished him a Merry Christmas. Shocked by sight, he unnaturally fainted and woke up tied up on the floor. The sexy girl proceeded to do a sensual striptease showing off her demonic melons and her hairy twat, and then she introduced herself as a Christmas spirit named Krampus. She’s a spirit who visits boys like him to teach them a lesson, so she pulled down his pants, grabbed his penis and began sucking it like mad. The sound of sucking and smacking and the moans felt his ears. Then the sexy girl bent over on a couch and took his candy stick into her hairy sperm sucker. He pounded her bum as like it was his last Christmas, soaked it with his precum, and slurped everything from her spread kitty. It looks like Krampus is being punished instead of him as he was inserting his winky in her creamy hump hole. She didn’t expect such a turn of events that the mere human would dominate her vagina as she shamelessly touches herself as shivering to her spine from all the Christmas magic. Her legs on either side of his chiseled torso and riding him in cowgirl. Rhythmically and powerfully her pussy squeezed his cock. He and his girlfriend never fucked like that before! She was so hot, way hotter than his girlfriend, noe ex-girlfriend. He moved her up and down, stroking his cock by moving her whole body. Cumming repeatedly, slutty Krampus ended up with a dick in her mouth, fighting for the breath of fresh air.

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